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Work Directly With Me and Get Our Proven Framework to

Build a Revenue Generating Marketing Factory

Together we'll implement a proven marketing strategy capable of doubling your online sales in 90 days or less (without overwhelm) and with 100% confidence


Who Would Benefit

  • Online Coaches and Trainers

  • E-Commerce Shop Owners

  • SAAS Service Providers

  • Small Marketing Teams

  • Marketing Service Providers

  • The Soloprenuer Who Does it All

What Exactly is a Marketing Factory?

Our Marketing Factory focuses on using strategic approaches to create revenue predictability, get more sales and take control of your customer experience so you can break free from overwhelm.

Together We Will Complete These 9 Steps to Build Your Revenue Marketing Factory

  • 1: The 90 Day Gameplan

    How to avoid the marketing tarpit, deal with failure and mentally prepare for a predictable revenue factory.

  • 2: Establish Market Authority

    How to speak directly to your audience in a way they want to listen so you can stop wasted advertising.

  • 3: Million Dollar Value Statement

    How to be so clear on your offer value that your customers will wait in line to buy your product or service.

  • 4: Revenue Marketing Factory

    How to make a customer experience so good it turns strangers into buyers and generates revenue on demand.

  • 5: KPI Success Metrics

    How to keep track of your revenue health and know exactly what to fix to make your revenue factory better.

  • 6: The Digital Fundamentals

    How to plug digital leaks in your business to optimize revenue without technical overwhelm. 

  • 7: Optimize Your Conversions

    How to get more buyers at a higher average order value without having to be a pushy salesperson.

  • 8: Revenue Lever Project Screening

    How to avoid bright shiny objects and get crystal clear on the projects that will actually increase your revenue.

  • 9: Big Impact Project Planner

    How to grow your revenue using big impact projects so you can work on your business not in it.

  • 126,000+

    Marketers Use This System


    Our Client Impact Target


    Cost To Get Started

    How We Keep It Simple

    A three phased approach keeps the topics highly focused and keeps you moving forward

    Level 1

    Build Phase

    This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet and smartphones are changing the world of marketing by evolving the roles and practices of both companies and consumers.

    Marketing Factory Build Phase

    Level 2

    Optimize Phase

    Successfully marketing brands today requires a well-balanced skill set. This course introduces students to the web analytics and the intricate science behind it, including Google analytics.

    Marketing Factory Optimize Phase

    Level 3

    Accelerate Phase

    The digital revolution has led to a huge shift in the landscape of marketing communications, while also creating new opportunities for businesses to engage consumers through new digital technologies.

    Marketing Factory Accelerate Phase

    Meet The Founder

    CEO & Founder, GetShano Marketing

    Shane Alan

    "It is an honor to be able to help awesome businesses use digital marketing to double online revenue with this powerful framework. More than ever, we are faced with challenges of connecting our products / services with our ideal audiences and that's why I created GetShano Marketing. With our framework, you'll become the best in your industry while facing and conquering every challenge...

    ... see you on the inside!"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you'd still have questions, so that's why we prepared this section just for you.

    I'm interested but how do I get started?

    Best thing to do is schedule a free call with me.  There is no pressure, no pushy salesman, just me and you talking like humans to see if there is a win win scenario to help each other.

    Is this just another video course on marketing?

    As a mentor I understand the deeper part of this question. This is a world class marketing framework. Videos show examples for reference but the real power is the playbooks and support you get from me.

    What if I want more personal one on one mentoring?

    The mission is to help 15,000 businesses establish this framework, however if you qualify (based on your desire to succeed) there is an option where you can get one on one live interactive support.

    What do you have in the members area?

    The members area is used to access the marketing framework / example videos and is where you can download the master framework playbook. I will continue to add to the members area as requested from you. 

    Will this really work for my business?

    Yes it will. The most powerful thing about this framework is it's based on strategy. Once you implement the framework you will finally see what tactics make sense and which part of your factory they support.

    Do you have any done for you services?

    Yes but we focus on our mission is to impact 15,000 businesses with this framework. That means we want your business to understand and apply the framework. Then If you need specific things done we can help you.